Founded in 2014, our firm strives to deliver world-class commercial real estate projects, ranging from single tenant buildings to large, mixed-use communities. Our team handles all aspects of the development process, from project inception to final delivery. WDG has developed over 115 projects across 35 states, working with major national corporations and health systems.

“Wall Development Group can be counted on to deliver the project as it was designed and if any problems come up, they handle it.”

~Fortune 200 Client

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver dynamic, mixed-use communities and unparalleled value to clients through innovative real estate development.

Our Philosophy

Authentic Relationships

We pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships across all asset classes, debating the grey areas of ethics that exist in the commercial real estate world, and holding firm to loyalty when we are brought a deal or are actively working with another company or individual in a particular trade area.

Creative Real Estate Planning &
Contrarian Thinking

We focus intently on bringing a highly creative mindset in an industry that often lacks innovation. We have spent the last decade developing intimate knowledge across all asset classes. We bring a unique mindset to every one of our developments and focus specifically on contrarian approaches, from design to placemaking to asset class selection. We look at land for what its inherent use should be and choose the uses and partners accordingly with an eye towards redefining our industry and the landscape with new thinking.

Dependable Execution

Our team of expert practitioners has years of experience developing near impossible to enter trade areas for our single tenant clients while creating dynamic mixed-use communities. We are thoughtful about the offers we make, closing over 90% of what we go under contract on with intention, and we follow through to ensure that we execute for our clients and communities that we serve.

Transcendent Concepts &
Lasting Value

Our focus on timeless design, contemplative and expert in-house site planning and awareness of land and community needs, gives us a distinct advantage in creating communities that often don’t reflect the highest return but stand the test of time. We mix the right asset classes and the right partners on each distinctive parcel of land so that, over time, our developments are remembered for their appropriateness, thoughtfulness and lasting use in the communities.